During the winter of 2005, the first pick designed by Perrin was produced. Using our own special system, we produce perfect guitar picks to help enhance your playing performance and to improve the tone of your guitar.

We use our own special coating which provides better grip and improves the strength of the pick to make them longer lasting.

All our picks are produced from scratch and are made in the UK. We offer numerous gauge sizes and can produce them in any colour you choose.

Picking The Right Pick

Every guitarist has their own preference, watch this handy video to help you decide which is best suited to you and your playing style.


Started using these picks about three years ago. It's down to personal preference I suppose but I won't buy anything else now. Grip is fantastic.

Mike Smith, Manchester

Very useful selection of different sizes of guitar picks that helped me a raw novice to identify the thickness of pick that would help in my guitar playing. The tin supplied also was useful with its adjustable lid.

Sarah Farmer, Doncaster

Purchased these after recently taking up the guitar and I am very impressed. Arrived quickly and with no fuss. All of the picks I've purchased are very well made with great colours. Playing with them all give great feel with the thinnest being great for the Ukulele.

Peter Williams, Sussex

Great little selection of plectrums in a really handy little case! What more can I say... great value and well thought through, easy to throw in a gig bag. Makes even woeful amateurs like me feel a bit like a rock star!

David Green, Newcastle


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